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"By establishing clearly defined strategic metrics, deploying efficient and battle-tested business processes, and matching each client requirement with a thoughtful counterbalance of talented team members, we will significantly improve our clients’ commercial real estate positions - and ultimately their bottom lines." - Brian Rossi

About Brian

Brian Rossi is the Chief Operating Officer and Associate Broker at BellCornerstone. His 25+ year track record includes a wealth of knowledge gained through the multiple businesses that he has started, grown, and sold over the years. As an accomplished entrepreneur, business consultant, keynote speaker, and real estate investor, he brings the important blend of his own real-life business success and real estate investment experience to the BellCornerstone leadership team. His many successful business endeavors over the years provide the foundation to help serve our clients facing important decisions about growth, process improvement, and business exit strategies. Brian has helped dozens of clients across the US and Canada figure out how to position their businesses for a successful transition/exit plan.

Respected for his leadership, strategic thinking, and genuine passion for serving others, Brian has a world-class understanding of how to build smart processes, inspire employees, develop leaders, and optimize operations. His proprietary training curriculums, management systems, and core business processes have championed significant growth for every business he has partnered with. With over 25 years of invaluable experience in the real estate industry, Brian Rossi stands as a seasoned professional adept at navigating the complexities of the market. Brian's journey in real estate spans diverse sectors, from residential to commercial properties, cementing his reputation as both a broker and an astute investor.

Throughout his career, Brian has demonstrated his expertise by owning and managing an extensive portfolio comprising over 100 rental units, apartment buildings, short-term luxury vacation rentals, and various commercial properties. This hands-on involvement as an investor has endowed him with a unique perspective, enabling him to identify opportunities and foresee challenges with remarkable clarity. Brian's proficiency extends beyond traditional brokerage, as he is well-versed in creative deal mechanics. His innovative approaches have proven instrumental in assisting clients in resolving intricate real estate dilemmas and capitalizing on opportunities within the dynamic market landscape.

Having facilitated over 1,000 transactions across 350+ markets totaling over $2.5 billion in commercial real estate sales, Brian's track record speaks volumes about his proficiency and commitment to excellence. His dedication to “raving fan” customer service and unparalleled industry knowledge have earned him prestigious accolades, including being recognized as a Co-Star Power Broker -and- TOP SALES FIRM for five consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023). Brian Rossi's unwavering dedication, extensive experience, and innovative mindset make him a trusted advisor and invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of the real estate market, ensuring optimal outcomes for his clients and partners alike. 

Area of Expertise/Specialties

Commercial Real Estate, Business Valuation & Brokerage, Small Business Start-Up & Growth, Strategic Planning, Investments, Senior Level Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Recruitment, Operations Management, Training, Contract Negotiation, Accounts Receivable, Motivational/Keynote Speaking, Real Estate Investments.

Awards & Recognitions

CoStar 2019-2023 Top Sales Broker 

CoStar 2019-2023 Top Sales Firm

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