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By Leveraging Our Expertise, Make Informed Decisions About Your Real Estate Strategy

September 2023  |  Industry Article

BellCornerstone - Is your real estate working for you or against your business?

By Brian Rossi, COO of BellCornerstone

Real estate can have a profound impact on the operation and success of any business, which most certainly includes newspapers. At some point, your real estate was probably designed to custom fit the exact needs of your operation. There was a use and purpose for every office, every conference room, every storage area and every parking space. Fast forward to today, or perhaps look ahead to tomorrow, and maybe the real estate no longer fits the business quite the same way it once did. By optimizing their real estate footprint, newspapers can address several key aspects that can positively influence their operations and sustainability.

  1. Cost Efficiency: Rethinking and adjusting the real estate footprint can help newspapers reduce occupancy costs, which can free up financial resources for other critical needs such as debt repayment, acquisitions or future investments. By eliminating underutilized or oversized spaces, newspapers can streamline their expenses and allocate funds more efficiently.

  2. Operational Optimization: Modernizing and downsizing the physical space can result in improved operational efficiency. By moving to smaller, more functional locations, newspapers can create a workspace that better aligns with their current needs. This can lead to better collaboration among teams, enhanced workflow and increased productivity.

  3. Adaptation to Digital Trends: As the newspaper industry continues to evolve in the digital age, having a real estate footprint that reflects the changing dynamics is crucial. Moving into more modern, downtown locations can signal a commitment to digital transformation and innovation. It can help create a vibrant work environment that fosters creativity, attracts talent and resonates with the expectations of readers and advertisers in the digital era.

  4. Employee Morale and Engagement: The physical workspace plays a significant role in employee morale and engagement. A fresh, well-designed office space can energize employees, promote a sense of pride and create a positive work environment. By investing in a new, smaller office with updated amenities, newspapers can demonstrate their commitment to their staff and their bright future in delivering local journalism.

While the decision to fix the real estate footprint may involve some initial challenges and concerns, it is essential to consider the long-term benefits and opportunities it can provide. Right sizing the real estate footprint allows businesses, including newspapers, to allocate resources more effectively, operate more efficiently and position themselves for long-term success. Specific circumstances vary for each newspaper and each property so it is important to assess the unique needs and goals of each organization when considering any changes to the real estate footprint.

Careful planning, effective communication and collaboration with experienced real estate professionals can help navigate the process successfully. BellCornerstone is a leading Commercial Real Estate and Advisory Firm specializing in Newspaper Real Estate. We understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by newspapers in the real estate realm and have extensive experience working with them to address their specific real estate needs and optimize their operations.

BellCornerstone - The Nation's Leader in Newspaper Real Estate

As a strategic partner, BellCornerstone has a deep understanding of the newspaper industry, its evolving landscape and the trends shaping it. This knowledge can be valuable in guiding newspapers through the process of fixing their real estate footprint, whether it involves divesting underutilized properties, negotiating leases or identifying more suitable locations.

Our advisory services can provide newspapers with strategic insights and recommendations tailored to their individual circumstances. This may include analyzing occupancy costs, auditing operating expenses and conducting assessments to identify opportunities for improvement. By leveraging our expertise, newspapers can make informed decisions about their real estate strategy and achieve cost savings, operational efficiencies and a more conducive work environment. 

We invite you to please reach out for a confidential, no obligation, discussion about your real estate situation.

This article appeared in America's Newspapers.

Brian Rossi

Brian Rossi, COO of BellCornerstone, a national commercial real estate firm, leverages his 25+ years of entrepreneurial expertise, business consulting, and real estate investment experience. Contact Brian at 315-935-3162 or to learn more.

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