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Spectrum | Syracuse, NY

Size: 68,000 SF

Sector: Communications

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Service: Tenant Representation

Increased square footage while driving down operational costs.

The Need

Spectrum was looking for a new site to function as a regional data center. The new building was to house the infrastructure and technical workers that supported the company's Road Runner cable Internet service and digital telephone service. Technological reliability and security were high priorities as well as Spectrum’s concerns about the cost of ownership. In addition, the telecommunications industry is continually advancing, so they needed a space that offered the flexibility to meet future technology demands.


Spectrum needed to purchase a 20-35,000 square foot building close to their existing customer service center that could be used as a data processing center for the entire Upstate New York marketplace. The building needed to have numerous power feeds and fiber optics branches.

The BellCornerstone Approach

BellCornerstone conducted a comprehensive review of Spectrum’s technical requirements and business needs. After completing a market review identifying available opportunities, BellCornerstone issued RFP’s and created a competitive bidding environment to find the best purchase option.

The Result

BellCornerstone secured a building that was in the process of foreclosure, which Spectrum was able to buy for less than budget, driving down the operational cost and allowing for potential expansion of up to 110,000 SF. The building also met all of Spectrum’s technical and functional requirement.

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