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For more than 35 years, BellCornerstone has been providing commercial real estate services. From lease negotiations and tenant representation to portfolio management and asset disposition, BellCornerstone helps clients achieve their real estate goals in local markets throughout the country.

Solving real estate problems and serving clients in over 300+ markets, BellCornerstone has nationwide experience and a proven strategy that can be utilized in any local market. Our team of real estate professionals will use their understanding of market conditions, rent levels and property values to find the location in your local market that best fits your needs and will help you achieve the best deal possible.

BellCornerstone Markets Served

Using our innovative approach, BellCornerstone has sustained an 18.3% average reduction in clients’ real estate occupancy costs. And, by providing complete transparency and tying our compensation to our performance, BellCornerstone upholds perhaps the highest client retention rate in the commercial real estate industry. 

We are leading the way.


BellCornerstone advocates on behalf of commercial tenants to help reduce their occupancy costs, identify and remove risk, and help them maximize their commercial real estate dollars.

BellCornerstone is leading the way for tenant representation services by providing clients with complete transparency and tying compensation to performance. With billions of dollars in completed transactions across the country, BellCornerstone has been able to reduce clients’ real estate occupancy costs by an average of 18.3%. By helping clients save hundreds of millions of dollars, reducing their risk, and earning their trust, BellCornerstone has achieved a client retention rate of over 83% in an industry that averages below 20%.

How we got to where we are.


Mark Bethmann

Mark Bethmann is President and CEO of BellCornerstone. While his commercial real estate expertise now spans more than 35 years, he began with a large national developer, serving as the Director of Tenant Development. In that role, Mark spent many years structuring real estate development projects and negotiating on behalf of the developer, often working against the best interests of the tenants. Throughout this experience there were continued situations that revealed a serious conflict of interest and lack of transparency that was endemic to the broker/client relationship.

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