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BellCornerstone - We Sell Big Buildings . FAST.

Do You Have ...

Underperforming Properties
Low Occupancy Rates
Vacant Buildings
Excess Space to Sublet

Do You Want Faster Results Selling Your Real Estate?
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Is Right Now the Right Time to Sell?

You NEED a partner that will work fast, work smart and work tirelessly to make it happen! 

Our team of commercial real estate experts includes certified property appraisers, seasoned real estate investors, experienced architects and real estate attorneys. Only by both correctly determining the true current value of your property, and reducing the time to complete a deal, can you capture the maximum profit.

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We partner with you to maximize the sale price of your building, employing strategies to optimize its value and secure the highest possible price achievable in the market.

Maximize Your Sale Price


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We collaborate closely with you to develop a strategic and proactive plan aimed at minimizing the time your building spends on the market.

Minimize Time on the Market


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We leverage our expertise and collaborate with you to navigate the relationship between debt and equity, ensuring that we find the optimal balance aligned with your company's financial goals, risk tolerance, and overall strategy.

Aligning Debt & Equity Strategies


The BellCornerstone Process

Streamlining the Process with BellCornerstone's Innovative Approach

Every day your property sits vacant or underutilized, it costs you money. BellCornerstone has engineered the best-in-class solutions for marketing your available property and helping reduce significantly the time it takes to find a tenant/buyer and complete a deal. Our digital disruption platform, national telecommunications team and nationwide partner network is the fastest, most effective and most comprehensive solution on the market today.

Outbound Call Campaigns


Typical Broker approach... 


BellCornerstone approach... 

  • BellCornerstone's in-house National Telecommunications Team will outbound call every prospect within target geography and vertical markets 

  • BellCornerstone's proprietary database has critical lease information and a vast nationwide inventory of buildings, end users and investors

  • BellCornerstone's approach creates a sense of urgency and excitement about the property, resulting in nearly 80% reduction in time to complete deals

  • Hang a sign and wait

Digital Disruption

  • Utilization of 3D Virtual Tour Technology

  • 24/7 digital exposure with robust reporting and analytics

  • Premium subscriptions to national CRE listing services

  • Cutting-edge technology, in tandem with smart data, driving maximum visibility to the widest range of potential buyers, end users and investors

BellCornerstone Digital Disruption Map

BellCornerstone Process + Local Market Expertise

Local Expertise Map
Addition Sign
Local Expertise
Equal Sign
Best Possible Outcome
  • No matter where your project is located, our team delivers consistent results for clients across the country

  • Industry leading analytics for market conditions, trends, rent levels and property values

  • Our nationwide partner network includes real estate firms, investors, architects, contractors, developers, landlords and tenants

  • Unmatched knowledge of economic incentives in collaboration with local city, county, state and federal agencies

  • Autonomy to vet and discern the very best local partners for each requirement

Strategic Partnerships


Ten-X provides an online live auction solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with a standardized transaction process to ensure competitive pricing and certainty of close. Partnering with Ten-X has allowed BellCornerstone to leverage the Ten-X platform to successfully decrease time to close for our clients.


Matterport is a 3D media platform used to create interactive 3D walkthroughs. With a 3D virtual tour perspective buyers can do their own walkthrough of a property from anywhere, anytime. This helps generate higher engagement and interest of that property.

BellCornerstone has been working with Matterport for several years now. We believe our clients our benefiting from this service by enabling a prospective buyer to see a property in 3D, standing out from the competition and providing an immersive experience that is not possible with photos or 360 tours.



Market Leader (80% Reduction in Time to Complete Deals)

BellCornerstone is truly the leader in reducing the time it takes to successfully market and monetize your commercial real estate. Our multi-level approach deploys a team of specialists, each an expert in their own area of focus, all working together towards the common goal of maximizing your real estate position while minimizing the time it takes to do so.

Trusted Advisor
Trusted Advisor

As a trusted advisor to some of the best companies in America, BellCornerstone has the capabilities, knowledge and partnerships that can hasten your success. We listened to the common disappointments and conflicts facing our industry. We then hit them head on by embracing the most cutting-edge technology, consequently speeding up the process and driving increased customer profits.

Technology and Teamwork
Technology and Teamwork

BellCornerstone combines the utilization of 3D virtual technology, nationwide market data, our unique team-based approach, skilled experts in each specific role, and battle-tested processes that bridge the gap between Investors, Landlords and Tenants.

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