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K&N Foods | Fulton, NY

Size: 123,042 SF

Sector: Frozen Storage

Service: Property Disposition


Finding the perfect new use for the former Birds Eye Frozen Food Facility

The Need

K&N Foods hired BellCornerstone to help sell or lease their 123,042 SF frozen storage facility. This requirement was extremely difficult considering its location in Fulton, NY, which is more than thirty miles from I-90 and the nearest city - Syracuse, NY.

The BellCornerstone Approach

BellCornerstone’s in-house team of real estate experts launched a highly organized digital marketing and telecommunications campaign targeting all potential end-users for the available space, including local, regional, and national end-users and investors.


At the same time, BellCornerstone captured a 3D rendering of the building to allow for immediate visibility to out-of-market companies. This technology enabled decision-makers to virtually tour this impressive facility. With this unique approach, BellCornerstone decreased the time on market, reached a wider audience and provided a 24/7 open house.  Prospective buyers could tour the property at their convenience, saving time and money for all.

The Result

In six months' time, the BellCornerstone team pushed through the difficulties of the location, made hundreds of outbound calls and sent thousands of emails to identify potential buyers. These activities resulted in BellCornerstone uncovering multiple interested parties. Within nine months of initiating our process, we located the perfect buyer, and the transaction was negotiated at a price nearly $2,000,000 more than the estimated market value. 

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