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and the services shouldn't be either

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BellCornerstone is helping clients achieve their commercial real estate goals across the country. Our understanding of market conditions, rent levels, and property values will help you achieve the best deal possible.

BellCornerstone offers a unique success-sharing compensation model as an innovative alternative to the commercial real estate status quo. Each client we serve has specific goals to achieve. Our approach of tying compensation to performance creates alignment, transparency and trust. As we serve clients around the country, we partner with the most respected local, regional and national firms in the industry to offer a significant advantage for our clients.

BellCornerstone is an independent commercial real estate firm. That means we have autonomy to select the best in-market partner for each requirement, without being obligated to work with any specific brand affiliate. This important distinction is extremely valuable to clients with multiple geographic locations, providing the BellCornerstone success-sharing model via the absolute best local commercial real estate resource. 

What our clients say about us.


For more than 35 years, BellCornerstone has been providing commercial real estate services.

We value our clients and know that their success leads to our success. Check out what our clients have to say!

"BellCornerstone's knowledge of the market and thorough analysis of our options, along with their expertise and guidance, enabled us to achieve all of our goals. As a result of Bell’s work, we were able to commit more of our time and resources to growing our business and brand."

- Rod Mayette | TCGplayer, VP Finance

"We engaged BellCornerstone for the review of a single transaction in Florida. Bell’s recommendation & creative solutions directly resulted in saving millions of dollars, reducing term, and right sizing our operation. BellCornerstone now represents our portfolio nationwide and is considered among our most trusted advisors."

- Steve McCauley | Gannett, Facility Manager

“The level of commitment that was made to create this unique technology campus experience, combined with a focus on employee wellness and community sustainability, is the perfect fit for Pharos as we further our development as a benefit corporation and solidify our foundation for growth.”

- Kevin Pickhardt | Pharos, CEO