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Commercial Real Estate is NOT One Size Fits All


BellCornerstone takes a completely new approach to solving the same old commercial real estate problems. By seeing the whole picture, and by understanding each individual piece, even the most complex problems become amazing success stories. Our team’s expertise and understanding of nationwide market conditions, rent levels and property values will help you improve the outcome of your commercial real estate dollar.

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Success Share Model

BellCornerstone offers a unique success-sharing compensation model as an innovative alternative to the commercial real estate status quo.
Our approach of tying compensation to performance creates alignment, transparency and trust. 

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Nationwide Network

BellCornerstone is an independent commercial real estate firm. We will always select the best in-market partner for each requirement around the country, without being obligated to work with any specific brand affiliate.

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Proven Results

At BellCornerstone we value our clients and know that their success leads to our success. If you only listen to one thing we have to share with you, listen to what our CLIENTS are saying about us! 

BellCornerstone: We Sell BIG Buildings. FAST.

Every day your property remains vacant or underutilized, it represents missed opportunities and lost revenue. At BellCornerstone, we understand the critical need to unlock your property's full potential. That's why we've developed best-in-class solutions tailored to efficiently market your property and expedite the process of finding a tenant or buyer.


With our advanced digital disruption platform, national telecommunications team and an extensive nationwide partner network, we offer the most efficient and comprehensive solution available today. With BellCornerstone, you can rest assured that your property will receive the attention it deserves, leading to swift and successful transactions.

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Is Your Real Estate Working for or Against Your Business
Hire an Expert
Results Based Real Estate: Our Clients Success Leads to Our Success
Do You Want Faster Results Selling Your Real Estate?
BellCornerstone Magazine

BellCornerstone Magazine


The BellCornerstone Magazine is our digital brochure, providing insights into our company, services, and client success stories. 

Dive in and discover what sets us apart!

Our Clients are Talking


For more than 35 years, BellCornerstone has been providing commercial real estate services. From lease negotiations and tenant representation to portfolio management and asset disposition, BellCornerstone helps clients achieve their real estate goals in local markets throughout the country.

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