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"Our Team based approach utilizes the different individual strengths of each team member in assemblage to best serve our clients." - Aidan Cleghorn

About Aidan

Aidan Cleghorn is a Partner at BellCornerstone and a licensed real estate attorney in the state of New York. In addition to his work as a broker on high-dollar transactions, Aidan's diverse 10+ year track record includes econometric valuation work as a commercial real estate appraiser and court experience as a practicing attorney. A firm believer in responsive client engagement, Aidan has completed projects in over 30 states. 

With over $300M in real estate transactions across the country, Aidan has established the trust and confidence of his clients and staff. Well respected for his eclectic knowledge and punctilious use of bombastic words, Aidan (sometimes) entertains his colleagues with droll anecdotes while traveling from town-to-town. Partial to Islay Scotch, though well-traveled in Bourbon and Rye, Aidan has a passion for history, theology, and philosophy. Now with four sons, Aidan is often to be found sharing folk music and tales from the battlefields of yesteryear.

Area of Expertise/Specialties

Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Appraisal, Real Estate Law, Investments, and Senior Level Leadership

Awards & Recognitions

CoStar 2019-2023 Top Sales Broker 

CoStar 2019-2023 Top Sales Firm

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