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"We rolled up our sleeves and set about to recreate a modern tenant advocate service. We departed from the traditional 1099 independent contractor model where agents focus solely on large commissions. We restructured our compensation and created a powerful, uniquely aligned tenant advocate service." - Mark Bethmann

About Mark

Mark Bethmann is President and CEO of BellCornerstone, with over 35 years of invaluable experience in commercial real estate. Mark began his career with a large national developer, serving as the Director of Tenant Development. In that role Mark spent many years structuring real estate development projects and negotiating on behalf of the developer. Throughout this experience, there were continued situations that revealed broken business models, serious conflicts of interest and lack of transparency that was endemic to the broker/client relationship.

In 1995, Mark made a pivotal shift and joined The Bell Group. Soon after, he purchased the company and later rebranded it into BellCornerstone. Mark had taken a long look at the real estate industry, highlighted what was misaligned and broken and then rebuilt it from the ground up. Under his leadership, BellCornerstone has emerged as a trailblazer in client advocacy and tenant representation, challenging conventional brokerage models to prioritize transparency, trust, and client alignment.

Mark Bethmann is a well-respected commercial real estate expert and is considered a true thought leader in Tenant Representation. His decades of experience in construction, development, financing, lease negotiations, acquisition and disposition lead BellCornerstone with the necessary tools and knowledge to consistently reduce clients’ real estate occupancy costs and increase their bottom-line.

Tenant Representation

After years of working towards the right solution to this industry-wide misalignment, Mark has helped pioneer a better way to serve clients with far greater transparency, trust and alignment of financial interest. This innovative approach couples a performance-based client success sharing model with a team-based approach to best serve client needs. Within this team-based approach, each member of the BellCornerstone team brings to bear a unique set of commercial real estate skills, and a project specific team is created and assigned to every transaction.

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Landlord Representation

While working with Gannett Media (formerly Gatehouse Media) across the country, Mark and the BellCornerstone team noticed that nationally the broker disposition model was antiquated and broken. So Mark and the BellCornerstone team once again built a better program. The result? While collaborating with local partners across the country to ensure seamless operations, BellCornerstone's track record speaks volumes: an impressive 82% of the time, it is BellCornerstone that successfully identifies the buyer for the properties they are assigned to sell. This accomplishment not only demonstrates the teams unparalleled expertise but also consistently shortens the average days on market, delivering exceptional results to the client.

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Area of Expertise/Specialties

Commercial Real Estate, Investments, Senior Level Leadership, Strategic Planning, Contract Negotiation

Awards & Recognitions

CoStar 2019-2023 Top Sales Broker 

CoStar 2019-2023 Top Sales Firm

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