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About Lisa

Lisa Bethmann is the Operations Manager at BellCornerstone. She has been instrumental in helping drive the company's success since 2004. Holding a Bachelor and Master of Science from Syracuse University, Lisa's educational foundation complements her extensive professional experience.

Lisa's role at BellCornerstone encompasses a diverse array of responsibilities, including payroll management, record-keeping, regulatory compliance, and budgeting. Her meticulous attention to detail extends to managing employee benefits, ensuring policy adherence, and overseeing procurement activities, all of which significantly contribute to BellCornerstone's operational efficiency and financial stability.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lisa is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Currently serving as a Board of Directors member for the Crouse Health Foundation, she plays a pivotal role in advancing philanthropic initiatives. Lisa's past board roles with organizations such as the Eldercare Foundation and Chadwick Residence underscore her dedication to community service and strategic leadership.

Lisa's career journey reflects a series of impactful roles within the healthcare and educational sectors. Before her tenure at BellCornerstone, she held esteemed positions, including serving as an Adjunct Professor at SUNY Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University. Lisa's early career in healthcare, including roles as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Crouse Hospital, laid the foundation for her commitment to excellence and compassionate leadership.

Her dedication and expertise continue to drive success and positive impact both within BellCornerstone and the broader community.

Community Engagement & Board Leadership

Crouse Health Foundation

Board of Directors, Assistant Secretary

American Heart Association | American Stroke Association

Member, Circle of Red

The Faces of Syracuse


Former Board Member of Eldercare Foundation and Chadwick Residence

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